29 Apr 2013

One Day

Back when we knew where we were going but did not know how to get there… Back when love was on the tip of our tongues, unknown to the ears and the driver of every action… Back when our worries were not enough time, yet too long to wait...

Your mum’s hair was short; she was growing it long because that how I liked it. And we decided to take a drive to a suburb we’d never been to before. So we parked the car and went for a walk. I’d learnt to always hold her hand, or at least hold her in some way, she likes that.

Anyway, the streets were lined with deep cobblestone driveways flanked by gates and the houses were more than adequate if we could see them from the road. There was a little park with a swing set and a playground, your mum led me down the path and onto the other side. The street was still quiet, with more trees but less iron gates. Up a hill a bit, we gained a glimpse of a corner of a backyard. A blue and white striped hammock tied between two leafy trees. The slanted roof of the house with a skylight and beneath it, a window seat. We stood, looked long enough at this picture of tranquility, until the ranch slider opened and a woman walked out and set up an easel under the tree.

“One day.” Your mum said, mostly to herself but loud enough for me to hear. My only response was so squeeze her hand, so I did not lose her.

Ten years later, we are far far away from the place we went to as teenagers. The closest house that resembles anything we saw that time was in the next city. But she loves it here, she loves having her family secure and comfortable. She loves opening her home to people as they come to our house to eat and sing and read together. I did not disappoint her or ignore her dreams. I do sometimes wish we had grass just as green as what we saw instead of a concrete wall behind our house. But your mum says she’s content. Content with who she’s with.

Inspired by true events

5 Apr 2013

A little bit about food adventures

Oh my goodness I have not blogged in a while, I have been busy with Engineering Revue rehearsals. But due to this incident  http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10875187 we will not be performing this weekend.
So sorry to those who have bought their tickets, but you will get a refund. Let's hope we can find another venue!

So there's been a bit of a food adventure since last time I blogged...

$10 miso katsu with chicken for lunch at The Don 47 High St, opposite the Metropolis hotel. That was a great lunch with a group of civil engineering girls!

Double date with the other EJ couple at Theobroma Chocolate Lounge in Sylvia Park.
Mmmm.... waffles and hot drinks with real melted chocolate.

And then that interesting time jt told me to dress up for dinner without telling me where we were going! That was most exciting. I felt so incredibly special. (and also because he wore a shirt. with french cuffs. and trousers with a belt. a belt. ) 
So special.
Iskender; roasted lamb on Turkish bread 
He took me to the Midnight Express, a Mediteranean Turkish restaurant on 59 Victoria St West (opposite the bungy). It was so fantastic; I loved the quiet relaxed, semi formal ambience and I especially love the surprise.

Guys; surprise your girls. Even if she whines because she doesn't know what to wear, tell her to get over it and surprise her. Girls actually love surprises.
There was a hiccup in the service and our mains were late, so they gave us complimentary Turkish bread!
Shish chicken! What a maaaasive plate. Good thing it was so delicious! Like, amazingly delicious. Grilled chicken on a skewer on a bed of rice pilaf, served with tzatziki and hummus.

Midnight Express, totally recommended. Especially on Friday nights where they have a belly dancer. Legit.

My Lifegroup went to have brunch at The Pah Homestead in Hillsborough last month. Gorgeous historic house that has been renovated into an art gallery and a function venue
The balcony reminds me of Pride and Prejudice :p
Imagine living in this house!
Poached eggs on multigrain toast.
I was just impressed by the circular butter. It fascinated me the entire time.
Foldover ham, mustard, tomato and baby spinach.
Foldover roast vegetable, feta and artichoke. Doesn't it look like a heart? So romantic..
Although the bread could've been crispier, as the bottom was a little soggy.
Eggs benedict. Tasted good, but the eggs preferred to be more runny.

The cafe rated fairly average, it's the same catering company as the Auckland Art Gallery cafe. We all wished there was more on the breakfast menu, as it lacked sweet things like pancakes/ waffles.
Then we went to look at the art gallery, turns out they had a theme at the time... male nudes.

oooooh and to conclude,
it's fun doing food adventures with jt. We made peri-peri chicken using the seasoning sachet we got from signing up for AUSA and we fried courgettes and made this work of art with a cherry (tomato) on top!

Next blog post: Studentlife girls' chocolate fondue event!