23 Jan 2013

A little about holiday food

Well I haven't written in a while. So here is a post before I go to Parachute for the long weekend of all sorts of interesting food I've had during my holidays so far!

Let's start with Christmas...
My mum teaches Sunday School at the Indonesian church and she asked me to make the kids cookies with a Christmas Tree Cookie Set she got me.
Using standard sugar cookie recipe, I made plain vanilla
And chocolate!

"and when he shall die, take him and cut him out in little stars, and he will 
make the face of heaven so fine that all the world will be in love with night 
and pay no worship to the garish sun." Romeo and Juliet, Act 3 Scene 2

I had leftover dough and got creative :P
Stack them up in size order and hopefully it looks like a Christmas tree...
Not quite, but the kids liked them!

And then on Christmas day, we were invited to have lunch with family friends
It was my first ever Kiwi/ European Christmas and I was in awe at how much food there was
Now I understand why there is so much food hype during Christmas! We had like 5 different types of meat; roast chicken, ham, lamb, beef, bacon... And all sorts of salads...
Must have Christmas like that again this year.

At Lucy's 21st, she had a candy buffet!! oh my goodness it was so much fun and the display was superb and those little scoops are cute!
We had fun with dracula teeth lollies... So much fun.
Crepes at Torchon in Elliot Stables in the CBD with my guurl Wally
Dessert night at Calci's (who is now enjoying bridges in chch. Where are those photos Calci?!) I made banoffee cake :D I used to not know whether banoffee was banana-toffee or banana-coffee, so I decided to make banofee-ofee. Mocha cake with bananas and toffee :)

For Calci's birthday dinner we went to Dee Jai Thai restaurant in Newmarket

Delicious chicken cashew stir fry

There is a little cafe in Epsom called the Florentine Tea Room, which sells the nicest roast beef sandwich I've ever had. But the day I went with my mum, they didn't have any, so I had the chicken crepes.
So delicious but so overpriced. $9 for the above :/
Another unique place that is jsut as delicious and not quite so overpriced is Little & Friday in Newmarket.
Walnut, pesto and haloumi galette :)
When Zi Shan came over we made hazelnut slice for Curtis' farewell party!
We got given a box of amazing chocolate for Christmas, but my mum accidentaly threw out the booklet of flavours. So it turned into a game of 'avoid the turkish delight'.
Another thing I've been doing (thanks to Lyds for being my teacher) is learning how to play the guitar! I can play Taylor Swift!! Once I learn bar chords, then I can play ALL her songs :D

And to conclude,
I downloaded Bridge Constructor in my new iPod Touch 5, but I can't get past bridge 7 ?!! Help.