26 Aug 2012

A little bit about Bongane Korean restaurant

Bongane restaurant was recommended to me by a true Korean, Miss Kkkkkk Lee.
I think it all started when jt and I went to Rangi college and he was told that there are many Koreans in that area. After a spontaneous cold cold swim in Takapuna beach, we saw a Korean restaurant and decided to go the next day. Because I'd never been to one, we asked Miss Kkkkkk Lee for her recommendation (again, apologies for the weird txts you received that night, Lee >.< it was not me, I don't say 'aten', I say 'eaten' like a normal person) kkkkkkk ~~~~~~ ^.^
Bongane is on the corner of Queen Street and Mayoral drive , diagonally opposite the other colorful Korean restaurant and next to Hollywood cafe.
jt and I went for Sunday lunch, I had stir fried beef with vegetables and rice, it was really tasty. Did you know you get free food at a Korean restaurant??
Potatoes, salad, boiled egg and kimchi.
I was also impressed with the interesting Korean chopsticks, they are flat and I find harder to use than Chinese or Japanese ones. I got shown how to hold them properly... but I couldn't move them :P
And the spoons are not as concave as ordinary spoons. I find cutlery and serveware highly interesting...
There were many Koreans dining there too, so that's a sure sign that the food is authentic! :)
Pleased with my first Korean restaurant experience, I took my family there for a Thursday dinner. Parking is free in the city after 6pm, although really tricky to find.
Admiring the interior decor while waiting for food, which came really quickly.
Beef casserole. $12, marinated beef with vegetables and rice in a hot stone bowl. It had vermicelli (glass noodles) in soup.
Spicy barbecue chicken. $12, stir-fried chicken on hot plate
Yukgejang. $12, spicy beef soup with vegetables and rice
Kalguksu. $12, flat noodle soup with seafood. . . I forgot to ask what the octopus tasted like...
Delicious food, good prices and speedy service. I like how they had a basket of bible verses by the cashier.

Next time: Korean bbq.
Thank you again Miss Kkkkkk Lee for recommending this place to me, and don't worry, I'm still on the lookout for a guy for you ;) ~ ~ ~ ~ kkkkkkk ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ^o^

And to conclude,
I am off to Fiji for 2 weeks! Mission tripping with Student Life :D THANK YOU so much to those who have been a part of my preparation journey, you are such blessings. Please keep me in your prayers :)


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  1. Sa, u should try Jap Chae :) yum yum hehe, and soju of course :))


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