22 Jun 2013

Tips on eating at a buffet!! Fortuna restaurant, Skycity

To celebrate my dad's 50th birthday, my mum booked a table for us at Fortuna Buffet Restaurant in Skycity.

It was so embarassing because someone else was having their 50th birthday party there and my dad just stood next to the balloon that had 50 on it and asked us to take a picture...

A friend had given Fortuna glowing reviews, especially the tiramisu dessert served in mini cups "so you can have four!!" Unfortunately, they didn't have tiramisu that day :( 

But for $22.50  all you can eat lunch, it was well worth it.

The place was great, it was relaxed yet had an upper class feel that didn't hold you back from going all out and filling up your plate.

Glazed ham, garlic bread, pizza...
Roasted vegetables, corn on cobb...
the seafood: shrim salad, sushi rice, smoked fish, prawns...
noodle, mushroom and chicken salads...

I started off with soup, there was a choice of either pumpkin or tomato. The pumpkin soup was very nice and not too hot to eat
I then had pizza, baked pasta, glazed ham, three different kinds of salads...

There was so much more food than what you see here, I couldn't take photos of them all cause I was hungry!!
From what I recall, there was also pork, potato chips, pasta dishes...
The dessert... pavlova, cheesecake, jelly, creme caramel, pecan tart, chocolate mousse, brownies, assortment of mini cakes...
Cheese platter, with crackers and dried fruits
I chose a slice of creme caramel, sponge cake, jelly, pecan tart, chocolate mousse...
and these cute cheesecake cups
oh and they had a soft serve ice cream machine with caramel, strawberry and chocolate sauces and a LOLLY JAR
finish off with a coffee...

Tips on eating at a buffet:

- It's not nice to unbutton in the middle of a restaurant! Don't wear clothes that are tight at the waist or non-elastic, such as jeans. :p
- don't go crazy at the sight of various breadrolls and eat three for the entree... not a wise choice. The carbs filled me up too quickly. I love bread and butter too much...
- take a look at everything that's available first, cause you don't wanna be piling your plate up at one station to discover there's another section you haven't seen!
- Fortuna's lunch is 12-3pm. Book for 12 because there was a long line to get your food at 1.30pm
- must book! That place is popular!
- take about 2 tablespoon of each dish, so you can try everything
- drink water because sugar fills you up
- three cups of cheesecake, seriously? I didn't have any more room for the chocolate mousse :(
- go for it.

My brother's technique:

- skip entree, load up on pork and chips
- halfway through your main, grab as many jelly cups as you can, incase someone takes all 100 of them
- go to the toilet
- repeat steps 1-3 as necessary

You know my favorite place in Skycity is watching the casino from the balcony above.
I don't know how the games work but it's fun watching the dealers' non-expressive faces and the gamblers' concentration.

And to conclude,

I've had really nice food dates with jt lately.
Crust Pizza, so delicious...
 Mediterranean lamb and bbq chicken
We actually only ate half for lunch then got full
Students who have Liked their fb page get a 25% discount! 

So one pizza was only like $8, and for us that was lunch and dinner. So much good food...

And while I'm blogging about food, jt's blogging about much more important things; theology and the church leaders' views on the Christianity. The link is here http://abclogical.blogspot.co.nz/

It is very very interesting.




  1. Hahaha! Your brother's strategy sounds like something that Nathan would do! LOL!

  2. I want to try this place now!


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