6 Apr 2016

Edible miniature sushi??

I got my hands on a packet of sushi Popin' Cookin', a Japanese create kit for kids to make edible miniature food that tastes like candy.
It's available from Made in Nippon, next to the Town Hall on Queen Street and also Japan Mart on Khyber Pass, Newmarket for $5.
These little guys helped me make them and they had the funnest time!

The box doesn't have English instructions but fortunately the shopkeeper had it translated on a piece of paper. Unfortunately, I lost that piece of paper. Fortunately there's YouTube... this video here starting at 2:45
The box comes with a plastic white tray, where you do all the mixing, a mixing spoon, an eyedropper and sachets of powder.
First to make the rice, we put water up to the line and the rice powder in. Stir stir stir.
Until it looks just like rice!
It smells really good. Like bubble gum.
Next is the egg. Water + powder, then stir.
Flatten the top and leave it to set. You can see the pattern in the section next to it. This is for the sashimi.
Flatten and leave to set like the egg.
For the seaweed, we rolled out the black candy and molded it into a shape that's on the packet.
We cut off any excess edges.
Then comes the scientific part.
We put the red powder in one and blue powder in the other. These will react with each other to form the red caviar balls.
Using the eyedropper, we squeezed small amounts of the red liquid into the blue one and they immediately formed round balls.
We balled up a small part of the rice, wrapped the seaweed around it and scooped out the caviar to put on top.
We then assembled the other pieces by cutting the egg and salmon sashimi in half and placing them on top of a rice ball.
You can see the leftover seaweed strip on the egg roll.
Lastly the soy sauce! They all smell like bubblegum and candy.
They loved it!
They ate all of it (tastes like bubblegum) and all the leftovers.

Which one should I make next??