20 Sep 2014

Church and hospitality

We've been looking for a church for a while.
One to serve at, invite people to, put our tithe toward, be part of a homegroup and be discipled in.
We like try out a new church nearby every Sunday unless we're invited to a specific one by friends.

The biggest thing that stands out to me the most, and the most disappointing, with the churches we've been to is the lack of extended hospitality towards newcomers.

In a small church or a church with mostly regular attendees, it's quite obvious who the newcomers are.
But too often no one extends their hello to us until we are nearly leaving. People saying hi to their own friends or getting morning tea on their own; a little difficult for us to wedge ourselves in the conversation.

When you go to your church tomorrow, please notice the new faces.

If you're sitting too far away to shake their hand, give them a smile.
If you're sitting next to them, tell them your name. Ask for theirs.
You never know, they could be non-Christians visiting church for the first time. And you'd want to make them feel comfortable and welcomed right?

After the service, tell them where morning tea is served. There is something about food that breaks down social barriers. (Trust me- I've served strangers food and we instantly became friends)
If you personally go with them and serve them coffee, it is guaranteed you have already made them feel welcomed!
Introduce them to one of your church friends if small talk on your own isn't your thing.
Is it so hard?

Say hello. Tell them your name and invite them for tea after the service.

10 Sep 2014

A little bit about kale crisps!!!

I feel like America and the entire middle/ upper class First World women are best friends with kale.

I didn't know kale existed til this beauty/ lifestyle youtuber made a kale smoothie in her vlog. It looked pretty gross tbh like celery juice.

I went to Street Eats a couple weeks ago (it was crazy. Auckland, we need more of these events) and I had one of Mexico's beef tacos and there was this curly crispy green thing on top. I didn't know what it was but it tasted so good! Turns out it was KALE... Also I think kale is a nice name for a boy.

So I went on youtube, searched kale crisps and made some of my own!
It was so simple and so yummy.
15 minutes in the oven and you're happy.

Kale is a healthy superfood full of pretty much every vitamin in the alphabet. It also apparently contains more iron than beef, so if you're anaemic, this is it!
You can make salads, put it on pizza, juice it, or turn it into crisps.

I bought a bag for $3.99 from Countdown. There were also red kale and tuscan kale but I wasn't sure of the differences, so I just got curly green ones.

 This is all you need! Kale, olive oil and salt.

First, you're going to want to take off the stalks. They are too tough to eat.
So with one hand hold the stalk firmly, with the other, grab the leafy greens and pull apart.

Next, wash them. I found a tiny slug in my bag, so that was a good call to wash them.
Then dry them thoroughly. This is important! You do not want water because it will end up steaming rather than drying and crisping up. I put them on a tea towel to dab them dry

Tear them into small pieces, be mindful that they shrink a lot, and put them in a single layer. You might need 2 oven trays. Rub olive oil and salt through them

15 minutes in the oven and done! Look how much they shrunk! I think I needed just a few more minutes in the oven so the bigger pieces get crunchier.

Crispy, slightly salty, healthy kale crisps. Great replacement for potato chips.

Kale Crisps

A bag of kale
2 Tbsp olive oil

1. Take the stems of the kale
2. Wash and dry kale thoroughly and shred into small-medium pieces
3. Sprinkle olive oil and salt, using your hands making sure each leaf is well coated
4. Spread on a single layer on an oven tray
5. Bake at 150 celcius for 15 minutes

And to conclude,

I have been really into makeup because of youtube. I love LOVE doing my makeup because I like the act of applying it (not necessarily how I look with it). I need some models to play with.