12 Oct 2013

Twenty One

I turned 21 on 9th October. And I felt very very loved and special all day Wednesday!

I woke up to birthday Snapchats, including this gorgeous one...
thanks kiki <3

Lauren took me out to dinner!

We went to Atico Cocina
A very nice, chilled, comfortable and open South American restaurant at Victoria Park.

Their website is here including their menu and info on function room
The restaurant was one big open room. Brightly decorated, with couches and even a swing seat in the corner and a large bar in the centre.

Our drinks yea! Can't remember what they were called but it was real delicious cocktails.
Sweet and a bit on the strong side
My first cocktail!
Jamaican chicken jerk.
Jerk chicken breast, creole okra, plantain chips with fennel and pineapple slaw.

This is what I had and I tell you, the chips were AMAZING.
Where can I get some more??

I just looked up what plantain was: it is actually a fruit! That looks almost exactly like a banana but does not taste like it at all. So good...
The chicken was spicy however, but it was very tender and oh so juicy.
Lauren's roast pork fillet; Filete de cerdo dulce, the signature dish.
With chorizo stuffing, chilli apple glaze, cassava puree, pico de gallo and watercress.
Again, delicious.

We then went to dessert night with the 2013/ 2014 committed student leaders of Auckland Studentlife.

White choc mudcake, caramel latte and Henry Yeah's strawberry sponge cake.
We each got given a book wrapped in ribbon... and ended up being wrapped in the ribbon ourselves

And I came home to this!! 21 things from my long-time friend, Hayley
It came in a massive box of parcel, gift wrapped and in a NAUTICAL box!!
Lotions, NAUTICAL napkins, chocolate, cupcake lip gloss, notepad, tissue pack, teddy bear and the first key on a bracelet!

Thank you so much
Our little neighbours popped by today and gave me a little gift too!
Purple party eyeshadow and body butter.
A delicate handkerchief all the way from Whangarei

However the first gift of the day was this.
Hand delivered by a man in a formal wear who waited for me at my bus stop
I've wanted this perfume for a while! I LOVE THE SMELL
Thank you... <3
What a beautiful card! Witha  rhyming poem inside too!
I was just looking at those notebooks yesterday!! And I was searching for a day planner yesterday too! Perfect.
Cake tester, sprinkles and cookie cutters <3
Thank you
So sweet and so thoughtful! Thank you
I made Abby write in it too and she was self conscious that her handwriting would spoil the book...
I think her handwriting looks like the printed font.
Along with the Moschino perfume, it came with samples. I thought it was funny; Taylor gave me 'Taylor' by Taylor Swift.
Most surprising: Secret Blessings.
I got told by Abby to go to the locker, and I found these!!
I was so excited when I saw the Lush packet and SO SURPRISED when she got me what I had been wanting since the start of the year! Lip scrub!
Cause after radiation, my mouth and lips go dry really quickly, but I tell you I've used the scrub twice already (tastes so good) and it makes your lips supple and soft.

Can't wait to scoff those macarons as well. I've only ever had the cappuccino ones and they are gooood.

Thank you Secret Blessings. You know who you are (I don't!)
At our group meeting, I was greeted by my engineering boys with sour skittles and Bueno.
How did you guys know Bueno is my favorite chocolate?!
Aww <3 so touched
My long time friend delivered this to my mailbox with a hilarious card that had all the stuff we bonded over during Year 12/ 13 ... dear me
I love... Kikki K!
My family gave me a printed photo album! So nice. I'll show you some time

My brother made me breakfast/ brunch!
 They were nice waffles, even if it did take him an hour to make and he had to wake me up to ask why the mixture was lumpy and if the egg whites were stiff enough :p hahahaha learning curve
And then I heard a "YAAAY" and the first waffle was served!

A couple of you have been asking about the whipped peanut butter.
Thank you Nina for recommending it to me!! It is light, not sticky, slightly denser texture than whipped cream and most importantly doesn't get stuck on the top of your mouth.
I got it from Countdown!

And then Google gave me a birthday greeting ;)

And to conclude,

I am getting an external flash for my Canon 600D courtesy of the parentals
If you have tips on what to purchase/ where to purchase an entry-level flash, let me know please!!


7 Oct 2013

A little bit about lamb and feta meatballs

I don't really eat lamb- like at all. But this one time, Lauren cooked us some lamb and feta meatballs and they were pretty good!
So we had it again and I want to share the very basic, simple recipe that anyone can cook.

I had a hard time choosing the feta. Greek feta, sheep feta, goat feta, cow feta, buffalo feta, traditional feta. WHICH ONE??
Then I thought, since we were having lamb, might as well get sheep feta. It's like eating a whole sheep; the meat and the milk.
All you do: mix the mince and crumbled feta and roll into balls.
Place in an ovenproof dish after frying and pour pasta sauce on top
20 minutes in the oven and it's ready to serve over pasta!

Lamb and feta meatballs

700 gr lamb mince
180-200 gr of feta
oil for frying
500 gr pasta sauce (about one jar)

1. Crumble the feta and mix with mince.
2. Roll into balls and fry in a greased frying pan until browned.
3. Place in an ovenproof dish and pour pasta sauce and season with herbs.
4. Cover and bake at 180C for 30 minutes.
5. Meanwhile, cook the pasta until al dente.
6. Serve lamb and feta meatballs over pasta with more cheese.

Serves 4 hungry elisas and laurens

Very very easy recipe that requires little energy. Making you hungry?


And to conclude,

The reason we were lookin pretty is because we were going to Laurie's birthday celebration that night!
1950s theme complete with music to swing dance to!
Strawberry and vanilla cupcakes topped with a jaffa
And we had floats!!

I thoroughly enjoyed myself, especially watching the Webb siblings dance.