24 Nov 2012

A little bit about brunch

I had the most magnificent brunch the other day.

Calci had just come back from S'pore, Phuket and KL and heading off to China in a couple days time, so she invited Team Wonderful over for brunch...

With maple syrup...
Oh these were for the angry birds cake Mrs Wong had made
This is my favorite type of milk!!!! It tastes like Aero
I can't drink plain milk straight, but I can drink this whole bottle in one go.

I haven't tried that...

Strawberries, grapes and yoghurt...
And corn fritters and poached eggs and toast...
A brunch.

And to conclude,
Ever since my nautical interest grew into a hyperactive fascination, I have been Trade Me-ing for a knot board to hang on my wall.

And then at the museum I saw one,
and jt was like, we can make that...
I was like, :O no you can't! That's so complex! You need to be able to tie knots!

Turns out he can tie knots.
This one's called a sheet bend (am I right?)
A bend is a knot that ties two ends together.

We bought rope from LookSharp or the likes
I had a polysterene board tucked away somewhere
A canvas or a board is also good.
We covered it with black card... but you can use any kind of paper, for example giftwrap or leftover wallpaper
We made a rope border and tied the ends into a Carrick Bend

The next day jt had a better idea of having knots on all four sides of the board.
So I turned that one into a photo board, since it's made of polystyrene and you can stick pins on it.

And we made this one instead.
I love it.



  1. Looks so yummy!!!!!!!!!

    Your stalker

  2. I just found your blog! Your blog is so cute<3
    And those knots are so great!! Did you learn all those knots yourself??


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