8 Oct 2012

A little bit about The Chocolate Boutique Cafe

Have you been to the Chocolate Boutique in Parnell?

They serve coffees, hot chocolates, waffles, sundaes, cakes, desserts and little chocolate treats.

Wally took me there for my first time a couple of weeks ago. I asked around for my friends' opinions on this cafe. I think everyone I asked had been there before and tried the Italian Denso (thick and rich hot chocolate drink, which Hiro said is almost like a mousse texture).

It took a good 10 minutes to look through the extensive menu. I couldn't decide between hazelnut cappuccino, peanut butter mocha, creme de menthe chocolate, chilli denso, praline hot chocolate, white chocolate submarino (a submarino is a mug of hot milk served with chocolate, as you stir the chocolate in it melts to create a hot chocolate drink) or affogato ($4 - $5.50)

And those were just the drinks. They served chocolate, maple, caramel waffles ($7.90), raspberry tarts, kahlua cheesecake, chocolate mud cake, eclairs.
I settled on chocolate waffle and a mochaccino
Wally told me how she got a Death by Chocolate last time; chocolate ice cream, chocolate mousse, chocolate sauce. Never again :P
So she got a chocolate mud cake.
I took this photo really quickly because it was melting in the rare September sun
I like how the drinks came with a chocolate mint. Nice touch.

And then Calci took me there for my birthdayI have lovely friends.
Praline hot chocolate ($5.50)
with hazelnut chocolate melted in the bottom of the mug. Yum
Waffles with hokey pokey ice cream and butterscotch sauce.
Calci got chocolate waffles and a cappuccino. She said the coffee was good
And she also ordered a cupcake (they have gluten free ones!)
And then pulled out a candle!
I got so excited.
Make a wish, Elisa!
Overall, very satisfied.
Good food, extremely well priced, especially for a boutique.
Although there are only a couple of tables, so I can imagine how busy it would get in there in the evenings.
Next time: sundaes and submarino. Maybe an Italian Denso to share!

The Chocolate Boutique Cafe
323 Parnell Rd, Parnell
11am to 10pm daily

And to conclude,
I passed a store in Parnell and saw an art print.
The Angelus 35 x 25cm print
The original oil painting was done in 1857 by the French realist, Jean-Fran├žois Millet.
I had been eyeing a larger print seen in a second-hand store in Onehunga. But found this one for $5 :D
What got me captivated by this painting was Salvador Dali's take on it. Read here :)


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